Assistance Dogs

Assistance DogAssistance dog refers to any dog that is trained and certified to perform tasks related to someone’s disability. Assistance dogs can include service dogs, hearing dogs, guide dogs, psychiatric service dogs, and dogs to assist with medical issues. Support Dogs, Inc. offers service, hearing, and psychiatric service dogs to help individuals with disabilities.

By definition, assistance dogs must mitigate someone’s disability, either providing a service they cannot perform for themselves, or have difficulty in performing because of their disability. The purpose of an assistance dog is to enrich the life of an individual with a disability, providing a greater sense of independence.

Every assistance dog that is trained by Support Dogs, Inc. meets or exceeds standards established by Assistance Dogs International, as well as criteria established by the American with Disabilities Act. All assistance dogs have public access and can accompany their handler in all places of public accommodation.

Support Dogs places all of its dogs at no cost to the client. The client is responsible for a $100 application fee and the cost of equipment. All interested individuals must complete an application and upon approval and placement, agree to attend a two-week Team Training in St. Louis to receive their assistance dog.

Support Dogs provides constant follow up for the duration of every assistance dog placement, requiring annual client checks and recertification. Support Dogs views every placement as a partnership for as long as the client and dog are a working team.

If you are in need of an assistance dog, please fill out an application to begin the process.

If you would like to help provide assistance dogs at no cost to those who need them most, please consider making a gift.